Cookie Jars New and Old

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Cookie jars have been around for years and nowadays are more considered collector items than a place to hide the cookies.
Abingdon pottery offers a selection of more rare collector cookie jars and are harder to find on antique websites such as tias, rubylane and goantiques plus ebay too. Their cookie jars include Granny(rare), Black Little Old Lady(rare). The Hobby Horse is a more easy to find cookie jar on ebay it has been seen several times at auction although most pieces have significant paint wear. Other jars include the Hippo, Train, Three Bears, Humpty Dumpty one with yellow brick wall and another with red bricks, Cookie Time Clock very easy to get on ebay, Jack-in-Box, Money Sack very easy to find on ebay more so the white money sack the yellow one with gold trim is much more rare and unusual so it is harder to find, Little Miss Muffet(rare) there are two versions of this cookie jar one has Miss Muffet wearing a plain dress the other has flowers and is marked Regal China, Mother Goose, Little Bo Peep, Daisy very easy to find at auction, Pineapple also another easy ebay find.
Alladin plastic made some cookie jars one memorable one is the Paddys Pig two versions of this plastic cookie jar one white and red the other blue and orange.
American Bisque is another popular cookie jar maker their jars seem easier to find at auction than other makers some of their cookie jars include Dutch boy and girl Ludowici Celadon, Ring Cookies, Pig, Cow, Lamb, Apple, Clown, Dutch Girl, Candy Baby(rare), Boy Baby Elephant(rare), Girl Baby Elephant(rare), Martha and George(rare), Rabbit in Hat this is an easy find on ebay, Buck Lamb, Girl Lamb, Sitting Horse(rare) this horse has a different style than regular American Bisque cookie jars, Donkey with Milk Wagon, Granny, Sandman Cookies flasher type cookie jar, Churn Boy(rare) but sometimes easy to find on ebay seems these ones all get listed around the same time, Umbrella Kids, Chef, Merry-Go-Round, Cat on Beehive, Kittens Ball of Yarn both cat and kittens are easy to find on ebay, Ring for Cookies, Black Heating Stove more difficult to find than the Pot Belly Stove of McCoy cookie jars, Blackboard Clown, Blackboard Bum, Blackboard School Boy, Blackboard Little Girl these are really unique cookie jars you can write on them like cookie recipes, to do list etc., Churn easy to find at auction, Cookie Time similiar to Abingdon cookie jar American Bisque one is red and white and the Abingdon is green and white and marked Abingdon on the bottom it seems to be a much cleaner design too both should be easy to find at auction, Cheerleaders flasher style, After School Cookies, Boy Pig, Lady Pig, Baby Pig Regal China, Pig in Poke as this one many of the American Bisque cookie jars have pastel colors, Cookie Truck, Train, Rooster, Animal Cookies, Yarn Doll, Cookie Barrel, Sad Iron, Majorette really unique a favorite among collectors, Recipe Jar, Pinecones Coffee Pot, Black Coffee Pot, Boots, Cup of Chocolate, Cookies Coffee Pot, Puppy in Blue Pot, Puppy in Yellow Pot, Collegiate Owl, Wooden Soldier, Yellow Chick, White Chick, Jack in the Box, Clown on Stage flasher face, Bear one with eyes open the other has eyes closed, Pig and Cat with Polka dots these are very nice cookie jars especially the cat fur is so realistic like swirls and goes nicely with the colored polka dots, Clown, Chick, Elephant, Poodle, Cat, Snacks, Bear with Cookies, Pig with Patch on Pants, Rooster, Farmer Pig, Seal on Igloo(rare), Spaceship, Rabbit with Patches on Clothes.
Ludowici Celadon and Brayton were more scarce cookie jars and are very hard to find they include Lion, Large Mammy.
Brush Pottery was started in 1925. In 1911 George Brush and J.W. McCoy formed the Brush-McCoy Pottery Co. and finally became Brush Pottery in 1925. This company closed in 1982. There is a large market of collectors for this companies cookie jars and other pottery items. Mostly the figural cookie jars are popular amongst collectors. There is usually a whole lot of confustion between this company and Nelson McCoy pieces. True collectors will know the difference new collectors will have to do some research. Brush pottery cookie jars include Lantern, Brown Cow with cat finial easy to find on ebay auctions, Little Boy Blue, House, Humpty Dumpty with Beanie, Panda Bear, Praying Girl, Tulips, Hen on Nest, Treasure Chest, Granny, Old Womans Shoe, Clock, Little Girl, Grey Bunny, White Bunny, Teddy Bear with feet together and one with feet apart, Davy Crockett you would think more unusual and hard to find but it has been seen on ebay, Puppy Police, Three Bears, Covered Wagon with puppy dog on top, Donkey with Cart, Formal Pig, Happy Squirrel, Squirrel on Log, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Cinderella's Pumpkin, Clown, Circus Horse, Elephant with Ice Cream Cone one wearing a blue coat the other wears a yellow coat, Little Red Riding Hood has been seen at auction a few times but is considered rare and Dog with Basket.
California Originals more of a mainstream cookie jar manufacturer and most pieces are pretty easy to find at auction most have a distinct brown color but some cartoon characters and others were made different with brighter colors. They include Pelican, Brown Bear, Rabbit and Elfs School House these are all the distinct brown color and other include Ernie from Sesame Steet, Cookie Monster and Count Dracula.
Roman Ceramics there is one to mention it is the Smokey Bear cookie jar.
Cardinal was another cookie jar maker some include Cookie Garage, Girl's Head, Soldier, Round House, French Chef, Cookie Safe and Sack of Cookies easy to find on ebay.
Coors ware was made by a pottery in Golden, Colorado which was owned by the Coors Beverage Company. Many dishes and decorative pieces like cookie jars were produced. They later and are now makers of industrial porcelain.They are another noteable maker and one to mention is the Milk Can cookie jar.
DeForrest of California is another popular cookie jar company with collectors some of their pieces include Cookie King and Clown a brown color similiar to California Originals.
Doranne of California had some rare cookie jars including Cow Jumped over the Moon and a more easy to find one is the Shoe maybe Marcia of Cal, some other noteable ones include Mother Goose, Hen with Basket of Eggs, Duck with Corn, Fire Plug and Cow with Milk Can.
F & F Mold & Die Works is popular for the Aunt Jemima cookie jar
Frankoma Pottery they are best known for their decorative kitchenware and limited edition commemorative pieces some cookie jars are Brown & Beige, Green & Grey Concave and the Black Barrel with Ears.
Gilner company made some cookie jars they include a Rooster
Hall China is a very popular chinaware manufacturer most popular are their teapots and especially the Autumn Leaf dinnerware pattern are very popular amongst collectors. Some of their cookie jars include White and Gold, Poppy and autumn leaf to match their dinnerware patterns.
Fredricksburg Art Pottery FAPCO is a noteable maker of dove and chicken cookie jars including a Pink Dove, Green Dove, Blue Dove, Brown Chicken with Little Chick on back, Brown & Green Chicken some other cookie jars include Windmill with red trim, Windmill with blue trim these both are very well and nicely designed. Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware Tested and approved by Mary Dunbar Jewel Homemakers Institute. Very fine dinnerware.
Hanna Barbera Production of course the famous cartoon company made some of their popular characters into cookie jars including Yogi Bear and another was Casper Harvey Productions Inc. USA. these are very loveable and cute characters.
Hull pottery is another popular cookie jar manufacturer among avid collectors some include Big Apple, Duck, Little Red Riding Hood it is hard to tell the difference between the marked Hull and Regal China Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar Hull pottery had different variations with the flowers on the dress and her face had different features the Regal china company also made Little Red Riding Hood with an open and closed basket another noteable one is the Daisy cookie jar by Hull China.
Los Angeles Potteries is another company and lots of these cookie jars can be found on ebay. Some include Cookies and Cookie Cutter, Cookies with nut on lid also Apple and Apple Blossoms.
Maddux of California is a rare and popular by demand brand one to mention is the Humpty Dumpty.
Mar-Crest another easy cookie jar to find on ebay is the Brown with Flowers and Dots.
Maurice of California or Calif USA is another well known brand some include the adorable Kittens in Shoe, Love Me Puppy one with and without glossy finish, Rabbit and the Bear beating Drum.
Morton Potteries some of their popular cookie jars include Hen with Chicks and Turkey with Little Turkey on Back.
McCoy a well known name in the pottery business especially their highly collectible cookie jars. This is the one company that many other companies try to copy and make reproductions some of their cookie jars include Dark Indian, Light Indian, Tepee, Honey Bear, Log Cabin, Davy Crockett Head, Circus Horse sometimes easy to find on ebay, Barnum's Animals, Clown Bust quite simple to find at auction, Animal Crackers, Sad Clown, Little Clown, Dutch Girl, Dutch Boy both painted on the cookie jar not figural, Windmill, Dutch Treat Barn, Fat Pig, Ear of Corn, Betsy Baker, Bobby Baker has been seen at auction more than once, Black Cookstove, White Cookstove not sure which is more popular among collectors, Chef Head very detailed and glossy look, Mammy with Cauliflower(rare), Old Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Red Apple, Bunch of Bananas, Christmas Tree, Pinecones on Basketweave, Raggedy Ann has been seen at auction but is a unique piece, Fireplace, Jack-O-Lantern, Black Cat, Polar Bear two versions one marked with McCoy and one unmarked no name, Brown Bear, Hamms Bear, Snow Bear, Upside Down Bear, Kissing Penguins, White Pelguin unusual jar this bird stands like a penguin but has a beak like a pelican one version is multi colored other two are green and another version is yellow, Chiffonier, Rooster, Frontier Family has been seen on ebay many occasions has another picture on the reverse side, Coookie Safe, Cookie Bank, Cookie House, Churn, Black Train Engine, Caboose, Cookie Wagon, Touring Car, Hobby Horse one with white glaze and one with brown underglaze this is an easy find on ebay auction website, Mushrooms on Stump, Rabbit on Stump, Squirrel on Stump as you can guess all three are pretty easy to find at auction, Cookie Boy one white and one yellow pretty rare piece and an unlikely find on ebay, Monkey on Stump more unique to the other stump cookie jars although the bunny rabbit is also very unique and might be a hard find at auction, Burlap Bag, another version is the Burlap Bag with Redbird, Wren House one with pink bird and one with brown bird, Pears on Basketweave, Yellow Pear another easy find on ebay, Forbidden Fruit, New Strawberry, Apples on Basketweave, Yellow Apple much the same as the Yellow Pear and is a popular easy find at auction, Mouse on Clock, Lollipops unique and unusual design some may say, Yellow Mouse, Grandfather Clock, Black Lantern, Fortune Cookies, Granny has been seen on ebay more than once, Mammy a highly reproduced cookie jar it is very hard to tell the difference between the real McCoy Mammy cookie jars and the fake ones you would need an expert to have a look before purchasing, W.C. Fields Head, Lamb on Basketweave lots of these at auction although most have significant paint loss, Monk thou shalt not steal cookies from the cookie jar, Yellow Hobnail another unique and unusual design, Cylinder with Fruit, Cylinder with Vegetables, Yellow Pepper, Green Pepper green would be easier to find at auction, Wedding Jar, Coffee Grinder, Bugs Bunny, Popeye this one is marked McCoy ink stamped, Yosemite Sam, Bronze Milk Can, Brown Cat on Coal Bucket, Cat on Basketweave another easy find on ebay, Three Little Kittens on Maroon Yarn and Three Little Kittens on Yellow Yarn slightly unusual to find also Three Little Kittens on Green Yarn, Two Kittens on Basket has been seen at auction, Basket of Fruit, Picnic Basket, Cookie Pot, Coffee Mug, Gaytime Pitcher with small plant, Gaytime pitcher with grown plant, Yellow Rooster, Hen on Nest, Grey Rooster harder find on ebay, Basket of Eggs, Duck with Leaf, Turkey, Tan Basketweave, Brown Basketweave both with American Eagle, Friendship 7, World Globe has been seen at auction, Astronauts would be a difficult find also the Apollo, Dog in Basket easy find on ebay, Snoopy on Dog House, Thinking Puppy these are seen quite often on ebay, Puppy Holding Sign, Rocking Chair Dalmatians seen on ebay a few times, Mac Dog, Sack of Cookies, Chipmunk, Black Pot Bellied Stove, White Pot Bellied Stove, Kangaroo with yellow-tan underglaze and a Blue Kangaroo blue would be more rare, Elephant, Drum, Mother Goose with brown underglaze and Mother Goose with white glaze has been seen on ebay not very often though, Wishing Well, Square, Oaken Bucket, Double Headed Duck more of the rarest pieces of the basketweave design, Asparagus has been seen on ebay more often than not, Basket of Potatoes, White Cylinder with Chef Decal, White Cylindar hand painted with Apple, Nabisco Jar, White Cylinder with hand painted wheat, Mr. & Mrs. Owl, Brown Owl, Woodsy Owl has been seen on ebay, Hocus Rabbit, Cream colored Rabbit, Timmy Tortoise more rare but has been seen at auction, Mary Mary, Little Bo-Peep both painted characters not figural cookie jars, same just painted Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffet all are not seen on ebay very often, Brown Barrel with Cookie Sign, Black Barrel with Cookie Sign, Tureen, Tomato more of the rare pieces from the fruit and vegetable cookie jars, Gingerbread Man, Kissin' Don't Last Cookin' Do, made to look like a cross stitch pattern, Small Brown Cookie Barrel, Large Brown Cookie Barrel both have been seen at auction more often than not, Clown in Yellow Barrel, Clown in Blue Barrel, Clown in Green Barrel, Pirates Chest, White with Gold Trim, Pitcher with Blue Willow Decor, Clyde Dog has the droopy dog face, Animal Cracker, Basket of Strawberries, Dog in Dog House, Cookie Box, Liberty Bell, Football with Player has been seen on ebay, Baseball with Player more rare, Basket of Tomatoes and Koala Bear very cute has baby koala in front pouch.
National Silver N.S. Made some Black Americana cookie jars one Mammy and a Chef.
Napco is another popular brand for collectors there are some rare pieces out there from this company and sometimes you will find them on ebay. One of their cookie jars is Bo-Peep.
Pantry Parade is a not so famous maker but did make a Tomato cookie jar that has made it in some cookie jar collector books.
Pan American Art has a few cookie jar including a Clown and Southern Belle
Pearl China is for the serious collector and price values are high for most of their cookie jars including the Chef and Mammy. Pearl China mark Pearl China Co. Hand Decorated 22 Kt. Gold USA.
Pee Dee Co. another not so famous brand among collectors but will be popular at auction because of the rarity some include the Fruit Kids Albert Apple and Stella Strawberry. FKR 1942 PD & Co Inc.
Pfaltzgraff Pottery Co. made the famous Pillsbury Doughboy advertising cookie jar and Derby Man Muggsy the Pfaltzgraff Co York Penn Designed by Jessop.
Metlox Poppytrail is somewhat popular with collectors they include Bear, Squirrel on Stump, Rose, Drum with Girl, Boy and Dog, Raggedy Andy, Raggedy Ann, The Bandit has been seen on ebay, Mouse Mobile kind of cute and funny, Squirrel on Pinecone, Clown, Lamb Head, Cat Head has been seen on ebay and Pig this one is kind of unique it has a matte finish and almost looks like clay.
Pottery Guild is another good cookie jar maker one of theirs includes a Rooster.
Ransburg Genuine Hand Painted Indianapolis USA cookie jars one is Black Ball Shape with Flowers.
Red Wing is another well known and famous collector pottery brand some of their cookie jars include the Aqua with Dutch People, Yellow Baker, Yellow Dutch Girl, Blue Baker, Blue Dutch Girl, Beige Baker, Beige Dutch Girl, Bob White has been seen numerous times on ebay while others have only been seen once or are scarce, Pineapple, Beige Monk and Blue Monk.
Regal China made quite a few cookie jars including the oh so popular oatmeal brand Old Fashioned Quaker Oats and Davy Crockett Head which is very scarce and will be a high price at auction.
Robinson Ransbottom is also a familiar name in the cookie jar trade noteable ones are Oscar, World War II Soldier, Brown Rooster, Cream Colored with Aqua Rings, Sheriff Pig with yellow hat, Sheriff Pig with grey hat, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Cow Jumped over the Moon has been seen on ebay, Jocko, Wise Bird, Snowman and Chef most are marked R.R.P. Co USA Roseville O. on the bottom.
Roseville is another famous potter mostly for their patterned vases a noteable cookie jar is the Clematis.
Royalware is another not so popular brand when it comes to cookie jars one edition is the Bear with Cookie.
Shawnee is definately a famous cookie jar name brand and their pig jars are the most popular among collectors they are very cute with bibs around their neck some are Farmer Pig, Farmer Pig with Tulips, Winnie the Pig with Blue Collar very popular with ebay buyers, Farmer Pig with Pink Flowers, Puss 'n Boots, Muggsy the toothache dog all these have been offered at auction on ebay more than once and are the most popular some other Shawnee jars include Jack and Jill dutch version, Basket of Fruit, Hexagon Jar, Winnie Pig with Green Collar also very popular, Farmer Pig with Clover Leaves also popular but most of the pig cookie jars have been reproduced by other companies so you will need an expert in the cookie jar field to help you before buying, some other Shawnee cookie jars include Jo Jo the Clown, Ear of Corn can be found on ebay, Winnie Pig Bank Style, Smiley Pig, Winking Owl has been seen on ebay, Pink Elephant, very funny looking quite comical for any cookie jar collection, Sailor, Hexagon with Baker and Gingerbread Boy, Jack and Jill with Yellow Pants and Skirt, Winnie Pig with Coral Collar Patented Winnie USA, Sitting Elephant, Jack and Jill with Blue Pants and Skirt, Jill Blonde Version and Light Brown Haired more colorful Jack, Lucky Elephant(rare) but has been seen at auction, Winking Owl brown with gold trim, Winnie Pig with gold trim, Smiley Pig with gold trim, Puss 'n Boots with flowers and gold trim, Muggsy toothache dog with flowers and gold trim much more expensive than the regular version, Jo Jo the Clown with ball and Seal gold trim, Sailor with flowers and gold trim, Winnie Pig with sweet clover bloom and gold trim, Smiley Pig with gold trim and clovers, Jack with white pants another Jack with blue scarf and flowers and gold trim with Happy written in gold across stomach.


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I have a beautiful vintage green tomato cookie jar- unmarked- some crazing on bottom- mint condition- it has the most beautiful luster .. Does anyone know anything about this cookie jar- (the lid has gold colored leaves)

Thanks So Much
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